• 04Mar

    Please don’t be turned off by the word “gourmet”. Gourmet ingredients may be a little more expensive, but they will go a long way in your recipes. The great flavor of a gourmet ingredient will instantly change a recipe.

    When it comes to salad dressings, a nice, flavorful oil or a rich, aged balsamic vinegar can be the star. It’s not necessary to use a large amount of a gourmet ingredient, because the flavor will be so much better.

    Amazon.com Gourmet Food Store has many great options. It’s very easy to browse the store and put a wide variety of gourmet ingredients in your cart.

  • 25Feb

    Great chefs need great knife skills for all of the chopping, slicing, and dicing they do. However, the home chef doesn’t need to have the same knife skills. That’s why a mandoline is a great tool for the home chef to have in his or her kitchen.

    Literally, within a few seconds, you can turn a cucumber into hundreds of matchsticks. You can thinly slice a potato for chips. A sweet potato can be turned into fries, too.

    There are a few different types of mandolines from the inexpensive to the elaborate. Some come with one blades, and some come with several blades. A really nice mandoline will have a compartment to catch your food.

  • 18Feb

    A food mill is a great tool for the home chef to have in his or her kitchen. When you want achieve a consistency somewhere between chunky and baby food, a food mill gets the job done.

    Imagine some hot boiled potatoes just off the stove. You can drain the potatoes and put them directly into the food mill. You don’t have to remove the skin!

    Place the potatoes in the food mill and gently turn the crank. The potato will instantly break apart and fall through the food mill without the skin. Add some hot cream and butter with some roasted garlic, salt and pepper. You’ve just made awesome mashed potatoes – no lumps!